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Finnish education as a starting point

Are you Finspired by Finnish education and Finland’s renowned approaches to learning?

Working with Finspiring Education is your key to learning more about the world-famous Finnish pedagogy and implementing aspects of Finnish education into the teaching and learning at your educational institution.

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Our educational philosophy

Child-centered holistic learning

At Finspiring Education we believe that the best kind of education is holistic and multidisciplinary. The solutions to find the best possible teaching methods require innovative thinking and a child-centered holistic approach. We believe the Finnish approach to education successfully combines these two elements.

Joy of learning and student agency

Learning happens when students are motivated. By fostering joy of learning and active learning methods and shifting the ownership and agency of learning to the students themselves we can reach the full potential of all learners.

Innovative educational institution

Learning does not happen in a vacuum, but instead is a result of a well-functioning educational institution. The ultimate goal in the development process of an educational institution is to improve the culture and practices of the institution to benefit the whole school community and improve the learning of the students.